Learn How To Use Tech to Win Your Area

New agents need every advantage they can find to get their footing.
We’re here to give you that edge.

In our week long workshop we intend to give you the tools and expertise you need to rapidly grow your business.

What You'll Learn

Business basics

As an agent you are your own small business. We'll show you how to run it right.

Focusing your outbound

Learn what to look for when picking your farm and high priority prospects.

Standing out online

Learn how to brand yourself consistently and exceptionally everywhere your image appears.

Marketing that works

Real estate no longer runs on the occasional postcard. Find out what’s working now and make it work for you.

Scalable Sales

Learn the sales techniques you’ll need to ensure that your leads never fall through the cracks again.

Maximizing referrals

We'll show you how to ensure that your past clients drive your future business.

What You'll Get

A personalized business plan

You are your own small business. Together we can run it right.

A Personal Style Guide

Brand yourself right. We’ll ensure that you look right everywhere your name appears with branded templates and a guide for your future materials.

Branded Website

Modern real estate agents have top notch personal websites. We’re going to get you one too.

Formated CRM

Track and improve your sales everyday with a CRM we’ve customized to fit your needs.

Marketing Automation Platform

Use drip campaigns and lead scoring to simplify your outbound while ensuring that every touch is relevant for your clients.

ROI Framework

We’ll give you a system to track the results of your spending. Learn what’s working and do it more often.

Growth Experimental Playbook

Our playbook will give you a smart way to manage your marketing experiments to ensure that you’re constantly growing as an agent and a marketer.

Offline Marketing Attribution System

Agents spend a lot of money on mailers. Our system will help you figure out which of yours is driving traffic and which you can cut from your lineup.

The Details



5 Days


50 Hrs

Of Instruction



Meet Your Instructors

Marshall Darr

Marketing Analytics

David Ladowitz


Matt Goldwater

Data Science

Misha Chellam

Sales Technology

Kirby Ptacek

Residential Real Estate

Clay Klusas

Digital Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application process?

There are a limited number of slots for each session. All applicants will be reviewed and those deemed to be the best fit will receive an invitation to the program.

What does the ideal applicant look like?

The bootcamp is designed for serious agents early into their career. We’re mainly targeting agents 0 - 3 years into their career with basic technical understanding.

Is room and board included?

Yes room, board and transportation are included. The only thing you’ll need to be focusing on during your week intensive is your program progress.

How large are the classes?

Class sizes are dependent on qualified applicants but they will never exceed 30.

Who is responsible for these ongoing SAAS payments?

Captivate will pay the onboarding fees and initial fees for the first three months of any SAAS product that the students are onboarded to. At the conclusion of that time, the students can decide if they would like to continue paying or drop the service.

Will I receive any support once the program concludes?

Yes. We will maintain an open Slack channel for you and your cohort to provide each other with support as you develop your careers. Your professors will also provide you with their contact information should you need anything in the future.


Includes food, lodging and unlimited learning.

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