What we do

During the onboarding process, our agent’s current practices will be reviewed and according to the results, some of these services may be increased in scope, decreased in scope, or substituted for other items that appear to be a more effective use of all parties’ time. Our final service package will be custom designed with a specific focus on the items that will offer the highest return given each agent’s particular circumstances.

Automated Farm Post Cards

  • Postcards are sent to your farm when any local home comes on the market.
  • Neighbors are alerted to current home prices and encourages to find the value of their home.

Monthly Blog Posts

  • We write monthly blog posts on relavant real estate topics.
  • You post them on your website and social media accounts to grow your audience and credibility.

Custom Branding

  • A unique style guide will be generated as a template for your future marketing.
  • Existing marketing material will be reworked to fit with the updated branding style.
    • Mailers
    • Business cards
    • Listing flyer
    • Listing packet materials
    • Social media accounts

Complete website redesign including

  • A homepage designed to show off your new branding.
  • A crawlable sitemap allowing for local SEO ranking.
  • Updated page for visitors initially considering buying and selling.
  • An about the agent page.

Referral Booster

  • A specific gifting system designed to increase referrals from existing clients:
    • Tier 3 (5 past clients) includes:
      • All gifts under Tier 2
      • A spring cleaning for each of your elected high value clients
      • A client specific holiday gift each year
        • This will be dependant on our shared information in terms of the client’s interests or pets.
    • Tier 2 (10 past clients) includes:
      • All gifts under Tier 1
      • Champagne shipped on the anniversary of their close date along with a card wishing their house a “happy birthday”
    • Tier 1: All past clients receive several postcards per year in relation to events including:
      • The holidays
      • Birthdays
      • The anniversary of their close date
      • Another date selected by their agent

Listing Marketing

  • New listing pages linked to the agent’s homesite will be generated featuring:
    • A style consistent with the agent’s new branding strategy.
    • Professional photography.
    • 3D walk throughs (when available).
    • Retargeting Ad Campaign that will allow the agent to serve display ads to site visitors elsewhere on the internet.
      • A number of display ads to serve with each listing when the agent elects to employ these retargeting capabilities will also be generated.
    • An integration with our agent’s calendars allowing site visitors to book their showings directly from the site
      • Booking process that incorporates lead scoring questions, ensuring that our agents are well informed.
  • New listings uploaded to the MLS and relevant systems.
    • Agents’ social media sites updated with each listing.
    • Post sale: new buyers congratulated on the agent’s social media accounts (an action that generates favorable initial interactions with a client’s network.
  • Open House Tracking with Spacio Pro

First Time Homebuyer Workshops

  • We organize workshops where you get to be the star (and collect leads).
  • We take care of the details:
    • Booking a venue
    • Creating content
    • Marketing the event
    • Registration and followup
    • Finding sponsors

Local Food Drive

  • We set up a food drive in your farm.
  • This provides 3-6 touchpoints for new leads in your area.
  • We take care of the details:
    • Printing informational flyers
    • Dropping off collection bags
    • Creating a schedule

Buyer Notes and Preferance Tracking

  • Allow buyers to track homes they've viewed
  • View buyers preferences to better serve them
  • Open house route generator

ESCROW Assistance

  • Transaction Management.
    • All of the agent’s documentation will be onboarded to our system.
    • Time sensitive documentation automatically introduced in a timely manner and followed up on.
  • Inspections automatically scheduled as soon as ESCROW starts.
    • Email sent the day before the inspection containing:
      • The common structural and aesthetic issues encountered during the inspection process.
      • Outline our contingency plan for each of them.
      • Keeping client stress low by setting expectations at each step of the process.

Home Search

  • We help you do indepth homes searches for your clients.
  • Let us do the busy work while you focus on interfacing with clients

Tinder For Homes App

  • Our custom app allows your clients to view a series of homes and choose the features they most like.
  • You use the information to better understand your clients preferences.
  • Feed this data back into home searches to find suitable homes quicker.

Pipeline Management

  • Not all leads are created equal.
  • We rate leads on multiple factors to make sure you are prioritizing the most valuable.
  • We couple this with new sales technologies to reach out on a consistent basis.

Document Management

  • Our systems make sure you keep on top of all the documents that are needed to close a sale.
  • Easy access from multiple locations.
  • Share the correct documents at the right time.

Offer Generator

  • Our system does a current market analysis.
  • We help you generate offers using better data.

Schedule Anything

  • Closing homes involves scheduling a lot of things. Let us do the busy work.
  • We'll handle coordinating schedules (especially with multiple parties).
  • Some of the things we can schedule:
    • Open houses
    • Client Appointment
    • Staging
    • Closing
    • Inspections
    • Phone calls
    • Lots more